Ticket to Another Planet

Esin Yaşar

2022 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

The leverage, and up & down concepts refer to a directionality based on the core of our planet. Gravitational force pulls the objects to the center and keeps the layers of earth together. In order to go up, there needs to be an effort (force) more than the gravitational force. As moving away from the core, the effect of this force begins to decrease, and going up will be easier. After a certain level, the effect of this force will not remain at all, and freedom will be attained. 

The story is based on a creature who born at the core of him/her planet alone and wants to go up to find someone to interact with. Throughout this journey, s/he encounters different layers of the planet. 

In this universe, there are six creatures who live on different six planets. All the planets have different layer orders due to gravitational force differences. 

Each planet has particular layer order which is defined by its gravity sources’ location. Since their densities are arranged like “solid, liquid, gas” from largest to smallest, the densest ones tend to be the closest layer to gravity lines and create planets. Also, in each planet, freedom levels of creatures throughout the route from the core the spaces shaped by these gravity layers. Depends on the cores of planets, there are 3 different features of each planet to represent freedom levels: plurality, transparency, and curvature. 

Creatures have overly similarities with the cores. They have also the ability to create gravity layers like their cores. Because of that reason, when they leave their planets, they cause their planets to stretch. 

Also, when they arrive at other planets, due to their ability to create gravity layers, they change the order of the layers of the arrival planet and start to disintegrate it. 

Each layer is represented in a different manner based on its characters. Gas is represented distributed way with spheres, the liquid is represented by its fluidity, and lastly solid is represented by its rigidity. 


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