Şeyma Nur Öz

2022 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

The project is mainly about different groups living in a leverage system. In t1 moment, with the creation of new levers, they are affected by multiple leverage systems.

In the story, there is a planet orbiting around itself and a light source. There are four groups of inhabitants on this planet, living as groups in a part of the planet. And according to their groups, they have different features like hot and wet. Once a group created a lever from its inhabitants. Then this lever has started to travel around the planet and created new levers. Sometimes interactions of levers and inhabitants create new types of inhabitants such as dust, sometimes the interaction just causes scale changes. Additionally, these inhabitants are very sensitive to heat. In different temperatures, which is related to distance to the heat source/first lever, they have different sizes, colors and act differently.

As mentioned in the story, there are four types of inhabitants initially, air, water, earth, and fire. They have different states; gas is represented as an irregular group of lines, liquid parallel lines, and solids have solid form. They are hot or cold, which is important for the interactions and wet/ dry values. Wet property is represented by point cloud around the inhabitant. Also, they are in different temperature intervals, which affects their behavior towards neighbor inhabitants and the lever.

There are two main rules for interactions: when an inhabitant meets with a lever with the same hot/cold property, the inhabitant and the lever become larger. In contrast, if it has different hot/cold properties, the inhabitant changes form, becomes crystal, dust, vapor, or lava, while the lever becomes smaller.