Doğa Su Kıralıoğlu

2022 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

Project Dicothomy is an experimentation on algorithmic representation of different growth types. In the scope of this year’s Digital Design Studio, the key concept for the project is “leverage”. Starting from this keyword, I have questioned whether humans could have the capability of conceptualizing up and down without lever systems as a part of our physiology. This question led me to envision a universe in which the beings would not possess levers, yet still have the concept of up and down. This hypothetical universe would be almost the same in many aspects, except for one.

Inspired from the story, the process of Dicothomy focuses on the creation of multiple drastically different entities, from a single agent. Initial state of the agent is very regularized. In the start of the process, the agent is duplicated, and these entities go through two different processes. The two processes represent the growth types from two different universes. As a result of the recursive growth process, two groups and several clusters are formed. After the formation of these groups, the second phase starts. In the second phase, clusters from each group interact with the other based on their attributes. Interaction of two clusters result with a new cluster which is fed back into the loop. Based on the given threshold parameter, the groups (or the universes), expand until passing the given threshold. After this threshold is passed, the subtractive processes start and the universe shrinks back. This loop continues until the two groups have very similar values for the chosen attribute. The process stops when the values of the two groups are within a certain degree of proximity.

Project Dicothomy is composed of a series of iterative processes which in result create drastically different entities. Starting from a simple concept and a story, the project aims to exemplify ways of creating complex three dimensional arrangements starting from very regularized forms with simple processes.