İdil Bilici

2023 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

Our eyes, ears and our perception are with us from the first second we are born. We look with the same eyes, we hear with the same ears and we perceive within the boundaries of our own capabilities. Even if we desire to see the spectrums that humanity cannot, it is not possible without any artificial medium. In the universe, there are even a number of species that have different anatomies and perceiving organs. They are hearing the frequencies which we would never hear or they perceive our daily life objects in a completely different manner.

The SPeYe was born from the wonder behind perceiving the entire universe with another vision. Initially, the user is leaving the Earth behind and the initial point is nowhere, darkness, unreferenced and unknown dimension. Suddenly light pieces start to arise and a series of simulations appear. The ultimate aim is to create an initial overwhelming effect for users to not understand which dimension they are in. Then with the process, the eye types start to differ. When a flyer, crawler, walker or swimmer enters the space with the user, the user will perceive the space like that agent. The user will be a spy on the anatomy of an animal. In that sense SPeYe aims to provide the possibility of being a dolphin, bat, mosquito, snail, or snake by structuring around a process: The identification of the initial atmosphere through camera, light and fields, the identification of the animal using the same space through colour spectrum, distortion angle, resolution or camera location and lastly the step where user and animal travel at the same time and integrate with other animals vision. SPeYe aims to provide both a single animal’s perception and the perception of more than three animals simultaneously.

Such a transformation process could have the potential to give users information and clues about how would be the world be like if we had a chance to change our eyes similarly to costumes. Each eye change could bring another route, another location, another ground or another perspective.