Quantum Fireflies

Mert Ünal

2023 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

This project is simply a way of understanding the quantum world and its features. To create this project, some quantum phenomena are taken as a case study and later interpreted as mutation matrices and ways of existing in space for different forms.

These phenomena are Quantum Entanglement (When two particles link together in a certain way, no matter how far apart they are in space), Quantum Fluctuation (Temporary unexpected change in the amount of energy and location within space), Schrödinger’s cat ( Probability of objects state before it’s measured and being able to be in different states at the same time).

These are taken as inspiration and background information to create spooky features of the quantum realm, where things don’t have a defined place, Where things go fuzzy and uncertain, and where objects can communicate with each other.

The story begins with a firefly jar that is existed in the woods, but this isn’t an ordinary jar. The fireflies inside were from the quantum realm. They looked regular from the outside but had unique features that could manipulate space and time to see the surprising state; the observer had to open the jar. But the moment the jar was opened, all fireflies lost their unique features and became ordinary fireflies like in the real world. To regain their unique abilities back, fireflies had to touch each other. So they hoped they regain their features back at some point.

İn the project, fireflies are interpreted as particles that are different from each other, but these particles exist in a twin state called upwards and downward particles upwards, are dynamic within space, and experience constant changes (Quantum State) within the space. The downwards were only an instance of a particle and static (Real State).

At the T:0 moment, there are six different particle types with unique abilities that exist either in a binary state, so a total of twelve particles are captured within a sphere, which is an interpretation of a quantum jar. The particles start with different velocities and directions. İf a particle comes in contact with any other particle. They have different responses in terms of their type and state different responses are observed.

This way, fuzzy and spooky features of the quantum realm are re-created in order to achieve overwhelming space.

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