Perform: VX

Gizem Yılmaz

2023 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

There is a universe where the only living creatures are dancers and the audience. There is the sound heard by only dancers, the sound of music. Dancers move according to what they hear; as they move, the audience can experience the show via the stages. There is a story of a unique dancer in this world. She is unique since she is questioning the rules already exist. Having a routine like dancing according to the music chosen by someone, makes her overwhelmed. The urge to decide, change and interact starts this process. As she discovers that she can also create sound, she starts to direct the performances like a shining light source. This enlightenment also affects the audience, they follow the dancer, the light source with their shadows. This independency of a creature in the universe spoils the system and the space becomes overwhelming for all. The project focuses on the existence of the stage in a digital environment, where the audience experiences all dimensions of the feeling obtained from music performance. Perform: VX, Voice to Experience. The stage concept is interpreted as a simple cube where the ground horizontal surface is the performance area and the side surfaces are the seat of the audience. The voices of instruments are considered as layers of the music which would be the forces affecting the instances of the stage and its environment. The different layers having different beats of music is also considerable. One layer of each piece of music is represented as the dancer which creates the flow of the environment. In every different music, the audience experiences a new stage. The digital environment considered as a ground for numerous performances exists in the number of stages, in which the seats, audience, and features blend into each other at a time period in which the space is overwhelming and overwhelmed by the forces.

Perform: VXadmin