Lana Kourini

2022 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

The project is discussing the concept of Leverage between agents, and when it depends solely on the characteristics of these agents. The scenario is set on a group of populations which are the societies which is set to be on a hierarchy system, that is defined by their needs, which is the supply of energy in this case. With the different supply amount of energy on them they differ in features and social systems which is represented in the project with different physical features. The project talks also about the need of neighborhood relations for the survival in such a hierarchy system, as the populations attract each other at a certain phase to intersect and exchange sources. The Leverage initiate with the start of the reactions that each society make in response to the physical intersection with others from different natures and systems. They either live a loss with the sacrifice or consumption of the society and it could be a loss of population or wealth or sources, according to what is valuable to the consumed society. Or it could be the opposite and they could thrive on the goods of the opposing society. Another option would be them adapting to each other, and that happens with change in form or features that are representing the social systems inside each community. Similar societies unite and create companionship type of relations and that applies to any type of financial state. Another highlighted point in the project is the adaptation to changes, as each society define certain patterns of reactions toward the other groups and it form a type of sensitivity for them, so they react to these patterns within a wider range of intimacy distances, and shape the intensity of their reactions according to it. Finally, as a result of grouping between societies when a community stay far from the group it gets abandoned and pushed away out of their periphery, and in order to survive it reproduce its own populations and supply it acting as an energy source for them, which allow the continuity of generations.