Ayşe Ebru Kuru

2022 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

Starting point for the project was the effect of environment on the emotions in my story. Environment can be perceived in different ways but in this story colors have a big role on that effect. In order to examine colors and create relations based on them, I started with using images as input and evaluating pixels for their Red Green Blue and Luminance (RGBL) values.

RGBL values are all separately have a role on the perception of a color but they are changing each other when they come together so that principle in the color creation is also effected the project and in my algorithm RGBL values are not only evaluated separately but they effect and alter each other. Not only the values itself are effecting the form but also the dominancy of that values are considered.

Using images as an input to evaluate the pixels for RGBL values really gives flexibility to the project because anything can be an input. It can be sequential images, paintings from different artists or paintings of the same artist in different years and many other potentials. Change or relations between two images can be observed with the algorithm that is created based on the values derived from colors. So the algorithm can be used for different purposes. It also has some other potentials like when sequential images from a video is used, video itself can be considered as an input or it can be a tool to examine the changes in time with using images from different periods.