Paradox of Cognition

Ömer Faruk Ağırsoy

2017 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

Consciousness is a combination of both remembering and forgetting. The absolute forgetting is not possible with remembering. The paradox is there, the only possible way to the understanding of forgotten is the remembrance. Therefore, oblivion can be remembered by forgetting it.

The idea of the project is reflecting the story of consciousness, which leads to oblivion. Oblivion is considered with varying meanings in the project. The project starts with the perfect resemblance of the consciousness. At the first stage, first meaning, which is “being unaware”, starts the process of mutations. First imperfection on the consciousness starts the cycle of deformation.

Second meaning “destruction or extinction” is destructed the 3 different information of consciousness. That three characters carry their identity and create different modalities in the space-time for further connections.

The third case is the “paradox of cognition”. All that scattered nodes and information starts to create connections with the proximity. Created connections are the possibilities of different connections, systems and cross relations.

Continuous formation of destruction and construction of connection system creates different alternatives for different connections and modalities. Expansion of system evolves to different nodes, connections, and networks between them, this accumulation in the connections in the fourth stage stimulates the combination of infinitely many network which constructs the “Limbo”: House of oblivion.

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