An Oblivious Story

Emrullah Yıldız

2017 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

Oblivion is not only something we can imagine. Its is the word for something in change/process. This process includes several situations such as being lost/ evolution / transformation / deconstruction. With these words, oblivion starts a new process. To understand it better, it can be separated into three different chapters.
“Socrates had insisted that we must attempt to answer the question ‘What is X?’ before we can say anything meaningful about X. To answer this question Socrates asked the question ‘What is the one thing common to all the many instances of examples of X?”

When was it that we learned first thing in our life? Dd, we always know even before our births or was it something that we learn after?
This is the main problem in this chapter? If we want to discover something which is a very uncommon thing, first we have to be lost in our minds. In this chapter, in order to create this environment, a maze-like system created in a borderless border, where knowledge always changing, emphasizing that it is not possible to decide something if it is true or not?


“ Let there be light!..”

After we experienced nothingness, very sacred knowledge which opens our minds, – a very cruel reality that we forgot -, change starts…
This change is the purgatory between very archaic form and something more important and different that we know.
The main issue in this part is to give a dynamic space with a transformation of knowledge/data that we know till that time.


“To be or not to be, that is the question.”

After the very painful process, something very important and different from what we know till we face reality emerged from the knowledge/data of everything we faced. This place is alive and with all information it takes, it still searches for ultimate/ideal space and evolves itself with endless parameters.
It creates its own structure while staying at the point of boundlessness/ nothingness/forgetfulness..
When you interact with space you will feel that it is reacting also knowledge of you!

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