Generation Gap Smasher

Feyza Kılıçer

2023 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

In a hypothetical space, a core entity is responsible for creating generations by dividing within itself. The core aspires to establish strong relations with each generation it produces, much like a family dynamic. Each generation matures and develops its own set of opinions and environment. They demonstrate relation paths with other entities in the space; however, as time progresses, the complexity of these paths increases for subsequent generations, leading to feelings of being overwhelmed.

To alleviate this pressure, two different generations create memory spaces between connecting lines, which are strongest in the middle. This implies a stronger connection between the older and newer generations, which helps to alleviate the pressure on the core. However, as new generations continue to be born, they shift away from the center, further reducing the stress on the core.

To combat this, some of the new-gen creatures find the strength to initiate a rebellion, intending to create a peaceful environment and develop a new order where all creatures can feel comfortable and relaxed. They aim to establish new living conditions and a new method of communication. They seek to develop a new approach to problem-solving and decision-making, as well as new rules and understanding of the world. However, they also face challenges from external factors such as traumatic experiences.

Over time, the core and the generations learn to coexist by creating spaces for each other. They strive to understand and respect each other’s perspectives, find common ground, and establish a new order that benefits all. They learn to utilize their different experiences, knowledge, and understanding to make the best decisions for the community. The core sees the new generation as a valuable source of new ideas, perspectives, and energy. In contrast, the new generation views the core as a valuable source of experience, knowledge, and understanding. However, external factors faced by the new-gen creatures may make this process more complex, yet with cooperation and understanding, they can overcome these challenges.

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