Ece Özsel

2023 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

Understanding the world around us requires knowledge, consciousness and experience. Only when all these factors are fulfilled, one can truly grasp the environment and world surrounding them. Without conscious experience, some aspects of our environment cannot be gathered by depending on knowledge. Likewise, without knowledge, purely observation and experience base understanding is not enough. However, no one can now experience everything. Therefore the argument of knowledge appears. In philosophy, the argument of knowledge discusses the conditions that provide the necessities for someone to comprehend their surroundings. In other words, it asks the question “Do we really know what we know?”

To think about what we know is overwhelming, considering we cannot know the things we don’t know.

The project focuses on understanding the connection between knowledge and experience. It is a visualisation of a space where people who know and create all the knowledge and people who only experience this knowledge can interact. This interaction happens as such:

  • The knowledge that is created by the knowers have an interaction network among each other (different knowledge can be interrelated)
  • Knowledge comes in the same shape and form (knowing two knowledge data is not any different than knowing three or more knowledge data )
  • Knowledge comes in different shapes and forms only if an experiencer experiences it (experiences are like personal interpretations of knowledge)
  • Experiencers are unique to experiencers (everybody’s experience, even with the possession of the same knowledge is unique)
  • Knowers have the possession of knowledge as well as the knowledge of the existence of an experience

With the interaction rules above the space starts to shape with all its entities which are knowledge, knower, experiencer and experience.