Beyza Uysal

2022 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

Every move of the UPsiders and DOWNsiders changed their surroundings and resulted in constantly changing landscapes. What they did not know was that for every action that was performed on one side, it was resulting in another action on the other side. If the actions on both sides were to be performed on the same normal with enough force, it would result in a tunnel, which can provide some light for the dark side, and provide some shade for the light side. With the formation of the first connection tunnel, the entities on the two sides realized they had each other. Soon after, they started to communicate through their landscapes. They were sending messages to the other siders by simple actions made on their own surfaces.”

The project explores the concept of leverage through balancing surface deformations and connections, which are defined by some parameters. The project progress by interrelating two surfaces in a way that any action applied on one of them would result in another action on the other. These actions are very simple ones such as pulling and pushing. However, there are a good variety of resulting effect on the surfaces because of the parameters that define the strength and direction of the actions vary.

The actions are initiated by the entities on the two sides, which do not have the same characteristics. This causes an imbalance that starts a rotation movement, which triggers physical connections between the surfaces. These connections, in the end become balancing agents. So, these interaction between the surfaces and entities on them, initiates both the imbalance and the leverage at the same time.