Between Town and Underworld

Enginalp Leblebici

2019 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

In this universe, humans live in a town where they have a great order over everything in a very civilized manner, while orcs live in their primitive village located deep in the underworld. Humans have large fields to farm and deep forests to hunt, therefore they produce much more food than they normally need. Beyond these large forests, the underworld lu lurks. Where all kinds of evil creatures dwell. However, only orcs are a society there. They live in their village where is filthy and chaotic. They eat very little since there is nowhere to farm or not much to hunt there. The orcs pick up a herb called Rose of Artemis. They use this herb for decoration only, however, humans can use this herb to heal themselves. One day, a boy’s father gets sick and he was desperate to
save him. The elderly people of the folk tell the boy about the herb but they tell him it was extremely risky to go into the underworld and get back to town alive. The boy decides to take the risk to save his father and goes into the underworld. He bravely picks one rose and survives in the underworld and gets back to town then he becomes a hero. Meanwhile, a hungry little orc follows this boy to town in the hope of finding some food there. He sees the excessive food lying in town. He tries to sneak up and pick some food there but the boy notices the little orc. After a brief conversation, they agree to trade food in exchange for the herb.

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