Alienate to Conjugate

Ceyda Tekin

2019 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

This project based on the dichotomy between ice and ?re and how they build up a bridge in between. The story takes place from ice land to fire land and involves many characters such as ice cube, water air molecule, soil, and flame. The story begins with the description of an ice cube in an ice land. Throughout its journey, it comes across with air molecule and then soil molecules. Its physical state has changed and it becomes a water molecule. Not only the ice cube but also the flame has differentiated throughout this journey. The flame acting in a more steady way in fire land change its action and with the help of the air molecule path of the flame undergo drastic changes. The story starting from ice land and ending on ?re land includes many changes inside. Sometimes, two molecules come together and form another whereas they can also come together and one continues, the other fades away. They can both form a new element or both can continue as nothing happened

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