On the Verge of Existence

Hande Karataş

2019 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

The perception of any entity highly depends on its context. Reducing this fact down to the simplest element, i.e. black dot, the two opposite sides of “existence” and “nonexistence” are observed,
whether there is one, single dot, or numerous of them, combined together. The solitary piece of black paint on a plain white canvas evokes presence, whereas a totally black-painted canvas represents nothingness. This is actually the power of the simplest element, symbolizing the two dichotomous edges, bridging them by a simple action of binding to the others of its kind.

upstate: a long period of feeling “high” — an overly elated, energetic, and outgoing mood
downstate: feeling sad, tearful, hopeless, or empty for the majority of the day on a daily basis

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