Space of Sound

M.Elif Akdam

2017 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

Oblivion means unconsciousness, forgetfulness, and extinction. Oblivion is nominative for each person. The sound is the strongest reminder in our world and also it has got a reflection at the computational world. The proposed design is based on a perception of sound. Sound can be quantified and modeled, it can be transferred to the environment.

Sound creates its own space and rather than just creating space we can observe and experience it. With this idea, the space of sound is defined under 3 main modes of sound. Pleasant, unpleasant and scary are used to construct space in this project.
To achieve the experience; sound wave, duration, and speed of sound are used as data and let them create their spaces. At t0 moment, the silent space exists, the process of the transformation of this space according to the sound shows the translation of sound at the computational world. Variations come into the scene after sound comes into space. Transformation of three different modes creates different structures in one space.

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