Barkın Karabaş

2019 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio


In the beginning, there was no matter. But energy… In order for masses to be created. A lot of energy -in the form of light, photons-needed to decay. Photons were so energetic that they could decay into particles and antiparticles. Matter, antimatter… For each particle created, there is exactly one antiparticle. There should have been exactly as much antimatter as there is matter. If that were true, when the universe had cooled somewhat each particle would have found an antiparticle and combined to form a boson (this process is called annihilation of the particles). Actually, this was the fate of most of these pairs. The survival of even such a small fraction was enough to form all of the matter in our universe. At some point during this process, something else must have happened to cause the survival of more particles than antiparticles (we call this the particle-antiparticle asymmetry). Let the game run one more time with great precision and symmetry. A bridge connecting dichotomous sides is nothing more than the annihilation process of themselves. This is the story of creation, life and anything we could comprehend or beyond. Everything you are, including your consciousness, is the byproduct of chemical and electrical interactions between a very, very large number of atoms. And atoms are made of smaller particles: electrons. protons and neutrons. And those particles consist of even smaller particle.