Reyhan Nazlıaydın

2023 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

Air, Water, and Earth have merged, right upon the first seed sprouted.

All the needs were there, so it grew on itself, knitted and tangled.

Until no more room to grow, so it hung up on the leads.

In fact, there needs to be a lead in order to grow a seed.

The leads took it to the water, where there is the pressure

It transformed into spheres, it would survive, the form would assure

Following the lead it reached the air, but the clouds were everywhere

It aggregated, cumulated and formed points to adapt the moist air.

When clouds were gone, air was so light and unresisting

It flowed continuously, freely and as swiftly as the wind

Then the wind brought the dust, alarming the earths coming,

It splintered but still continued flowing

Then the earth came, so dense and limiting

It formed into volumes to find its way by swaying

While escaping from the earth to the water, it got all slimy and muddy,

It slowly turned back to the spheres while holding back the continuity

While all those happening, it was growing and growing,

The limits were not enough so it exceeded the bounding

When looking from back escaping seemed compelling

But there was nothing feeding the ivy and protecting it.

It shrank, lost its colours, and the upright ivy was all bent

That was the story of the ivy, from emerging to the end.


This Project is produced by analyzing the needs and features of “ivy” and creating ad formation accordingly. The emergence point is specified as the intersection point of the environments; the agent needs at least one to keep on growing. While growing, it gets wrapped around an entity, like the behaviour of an ivy. The agent transforms into suitable forms for the environments while travelling through them. By branching and tangling, it creates a space like a maze, which becomes to be “overwhelming” for itself. At the last state, the shrinkage of the environment, since the agent loses its needs, loses its dimensions and colours and is not able to grow anymore.