Voyage to Limbo

Ezgi Erdemir

2017 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

The morbid reality of existence is that one day it comes to an end. We exist because of our materialistic features, such as things that compose us. These can be a body, and also objects that we find comfort in. What we use, what we share with our circle is what defines us. And they will stay even after we long gone. They are mementos from our past lives. A person can reminisce his old past life, relationships along with these mementos. A bicycle can bring back his childhood, a note can bring back her lover and so on. Memoirs are the only way to resist oblivion. Without them, we forgot the human existence. We track them, to remember the past. Our immediate close ones will live in our minds in the future. Even though we are in touch with them by the moment, when they are gone, they will only exist if we say their name again. After us, they will be forgotten like those millions of people who have passed away on earth.

The oblivion that I created is embodying the contrast within itself. Our more organic, living relationships creating a shell surrounding us. This shell defines us, the more tangled it gets the more extrovert the user becomes. The reflector of this organic shells is the materialistic body of the mementos that surrounding us. When we recall them, we bring back our past lives and this makes us grow stronger. Human intelligence is based on recalling memories from our bygone experiences, and this is how we survived and will survive.

Voyage to Limboadmin