Chatting Boxes

Alireza Ma’ali

2019 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

The individual distributed boxes in the space; – With no growth – With no efficient movement – With no communication – And cannot blend into the nature. Clustering any number of the boxes according to their location in the space. Any cluster may include: – One box – Two boxes – More than two boxes. The Clustered boxes start to orient towards their pairs to connect with. If the number of the boxes in a cluster is: – Even: each box pairs with only one other box. – Odd: a box can join two boxes to keep the group attached. – Each pair of boxes will have their own communication path. – If two or more paths intersect each other, all the boxes at the end-points of these paths will connect with each other. – As the number of the communicating boxes increases, the joint among them strengthens.

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