Echo Form

Doğa Tıraş

2022 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

In the Project, a hypothetical creature is defined. It has only one sense which is vision. Thus, it perceives spaces as sounds. Then it shapes the different types of environments according to the data of the perceived sound. In this way, in every encounter, space alters.

In the beginning, I defined the creature, which is represented by a point. Then it creates a path which it will move. While altering the lines, the creature alters the point start-end locations. Therefore, lines change with movement. Altered lines are grouped according to their length. These lengths are scaled to data that can turn into sound. The first group is defined as high notes with ascending values; the second group is defined as low notes with descending values.

The second type of environment is a planar surface. It is directly related to the creature’s location. It twists and flattens according to the location. While the creature is experiencing the environment, visual rays interact with the surface. Holes are formed at these points on this surface, and spheres are formed with the diameter of the holes. Their size and color are directly related to the distance between the creature and the surface. But in this one, the sound is created which the color code of the spheres rather than line lengths. So the color codes are altered so that they can be turned into sound.

The third environment is spatial volume. In this space, the creature is again defined by a point, and it’s surrounded by a cylinder as starting geometry. Creature encounters with space, and then it perceives form as sound. This means that there are visual rays that are centered in one point (which is a creature). These rays interact with the surface and create a list of their lengths. These links are remapped and scaled into proper numbers and listed in an excel sheet. Then, this data is scaled into octaves and notes. This data shapes the next surface that is a continuation of this surface due to continuous data flow. This surface changes till the next surface formation. Space becomes complex along the path. To sum up, different environments interact with creature, and they are reformed differently. Lines are temporarily changed while the plane is permanently changed. In the last one, space altered along with itself while if the path were to reverse, it becomes its original form and length, which is only one segment.

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