Nexus2014: Relationships Between Architecture and Mathematics // 9-12 June 2014 // Ankara, Turkey


The relation between mathematics and architecture has been strongly manifested starting with the very first examples of built environment and architectural design, and at present this relation becomes much stronger with the advent of rapidly developing computational technologies. Currently, the relation between mathematics and architecture has turned to be a symbiotic one, that both of these disciplines are evolving each other. Explorations of innovative forms and generative patterns with the help of computational technologies in architecture forces the limits of mathematics and even change it. Today, it is clearly seen that Mathematics becomes a much strong tie among different disciplines than ever before, while architectural design has become a field for interdisciplinary and trans disciplinary studies.

In this regard, Nexus Mathematics in Architecture Conference Series first initiated by Kim Williams in 1996, bringing together several highly acknowledged scientists, academics, researchers, and students working in this field, is one of the most reputable organizations in the world. Nexus Network Journal-Springer since from 1998 included in citation indexes of related area had been accepted as one of the major references in the field of architecture and mathematics.

The 10th international, interdisciplinary Nexus conference for architecture and mathematics will take place 9-12 June 2014 in Ankara, Turkey, hosted by the Department of Architecture of Middle East Technical University.

This is the tenth conference in the Nexus series, following those in 1996 (Fucecchio, Florence, Italy), 1998 (Mantua, Italy), 2000 (Ferrara, Italy), 2002 (Óbidos, Portugal), 2004 (Mexico City), 2006 (Genoa, Italy), 2008 (San Diego, USA), 2010 (Porto, Portugal) and 2012 (Milan, Italy). The papers from the conference will be published in future issues of the Nexus Network Journal.

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Nexus2014: Relationships Between Architecture and Mathematics // 9-12 June 2014 // Ankara, Turkeyadmin