Voyage to Eternity

Berfe Naz Haşemoğlu

2022 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

There was a planet consisting of two hemispheres. These were up and down hemispheres. In the up hemisphere, colorful entities were living while transparent entities were living in the down hemisphere. They were both living on the same lever, but they could see each other only in the space between up and down hemispheres, where the lever balances. The colorful ones had to be fed, and therefore they had to go to the down hemisphere where the nutritions were stored.Unlike the transparent ones,the colorful ones knew how to use the lever and traveled between hemispheres with the leverage. In this way, the transparent ones could travel to the up hemisphere for a short time. One day transparent ones decided they wanted to live in the up hemisphere; therefore, they had to learn how the colorful ones use the lever for their own benefit. When lever balanced, one of the transparent ones became colorful, then crossed over and pushed the colorful one in the same color. It learned the system to use the lever and went back to its place. After that day, transparent ones forced colorful ones to stay in the down hemisphere; therefore, both sides tried to use the lever to their advantage. They constantly tried to find a new strategy to go the hemisphere they wanted. However, this situation started to tire both sides ,and they decided to agree to find a system equal for all of them. At the end, they developed a system that lever is constantly turning between two hemispheres, so now it doesn’t matter which hemisphere they are in. 


-as a tool for travel by transforming the travelers.

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