Doğa Su Kıralıoğlu

2022 Spring
BS724 Nature Informed Computational Design in Architecture

Towerdion is a deployable tower project with a focus on folding and nature-informed design. The project scenario revolves around camping and travelling, and the need of energy during these travels. Towerdion offers a solution for accessing sunlight while camping in the woods, and the tower also doubles as an observation tower for the use of up to 3 people. This scenario shows a need for deployability, which is the reason for the focus on folding and nature-informed design. For a deployable tower, the folding has to be very efficient, therefore, one of the many examples from nature which demonstrates this type of folding was chosen as a reference. The tongue of the chameleon has a very impressive folding mechanism which allows it to achieve 600% of its resting length when ejected. There are many factors effecting the folding and the mechanism is highly complex. For this reason, certain features of the reference were extracted in order to bring solutions to the folding tower problem. Some of these features are double skin, modulation, and ratios between inner and outer skins.