Bade Eloğlu

2022 Spring
BS724 Nature Informed Computational Design in Architecture

The primary purpose of the project proposal is to bring the ideas to the fore that will minimize the damage to be caused by the design proposal’s contact with the earth surface. In this context, portable and temporary structures must be of transportable size and weight in order to serve the mentioned purpose. In this sense, a deployable structure design has proposed. 

It is possible not only for the structure to be demountable and reassembled, but also to be folded and put into use without disassembly. This project has taken the direction of presenting a foldable proposal, so that another parameter that will serve the primary purpose has appeared before us. The storage efficiency of the building should be high as much as possible. In this research, which was started in order to make the ratio between their unfolded and folded states satisfactory, entities in nature that can fulfill this function with minimum energy began to be examined. 

In the process of researching creatures in nature, it has been observed that insect wings are one of the best examples of storage efficiency originating by folding. And ultimately, the Ladybug, which can activate its complex wing folding pattern from a single point and its long-span control ability, was chosen as the reference creature. 

The reference creature and the architectural problem have progressed interactively, and Ladybug studies have advanced towards offering a platform with its flat-folding mechanism.