Impromptu Intricacies

Cemre Demirci

2017 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

The most valuable asset that a human being can have is their ability to communicate with their intelligence. It is the most basic distinction they have that makes them different from any other creature in the universe. Therefore, in a world one cannot express the ideas, feelings, beliefs, and arguments, or cannot process their surroundings or any kind of information present with their senses – to be frank- in a world one cannot “communicate” they are in total oblivion.

The project, given the approach to the term oblivion and its definition, shows the indefinite state of what oblivion can mean for each individual. Just like the uniqueness of one’s mind, the meaning of oblivion for each individual is unique, subjective and therefore completely different than each other.

The sequence starts off with an explosion and scattering of the core of information, a representative of all kinds of instances existent in the universe. All the transmitters carrying data about distinctive subjects spread immoderately in space where each has different fields of effect, strength, and information embedded, represented abstractly by color, shape, and size of the particles.

An individual’s mind, what they are influenced by and to which they are respondent or insensitive is represented with the traces, in other words, with the paths emerging from the fields of the effect of transmitters in various strength, range and various kinds of data they are embedded with. As each individual have a different reaction to and sensibility of the data embedded in the emitters, and the reactions are variable in time even for the same individual in different periods, there are infinitely many traces, endless paths and therefore millions of oblivion. Even the observation of one’s mind from different points can mean a state of oblivion, as it’s proximity with a maze, where one cannot distinguish their whereabouts while they are in it but they can do when they are looking at it from above.

Just like there is an infinite number of minds there are infinitely many traces, paths and therefore oblivions, emerging from individuals and time, representing a fluxional state.

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