Imagine All the Sounds

Bilge Arslan

2022 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

The project represents the sounds we hear during listening to music. Each instrument that plays the song has a different effect on our brain, and each of them has its characteristics. This project represents a visual journey created from audio tracks. Like a journey, it starts from one point and goes on an axis like a path. Each axis transforms to a volume, and overall composition occurs. In the project, as an example, I experiment with the two different tracks in different genres. One is a part of a jazz tune, and the other one is part of a funk tune. Both of them played with three different instruments. Jazz tunes played with drums, trumpet, and piano, and funk tunes played with drums, trumpet, and guitar. Instrument types select the volume’s surface appearance in the project. Which are drum as a membranophone its volume formed with a solid surface. Trumpet as an aerophone, its volume formed with granulous elements. Guitar as a chordophone and piano as an idiophone, their volumes formed with linear elements. All volumes create their own shape, and when they intersect, they create outer lines surrounding all the composition. Starting points of these volumes drive from corners of the polygon. Axes started from these points and formed according to the instant period length changes of the frequency spectrum. And volume thickness increases and decreases with the amplitude chances.

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