Endless Journey

Yusuf Fırat Kılıç

2019 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio

It all started with three different characters that live in the environment. Released into space, these characters began to belong to an environment under the influence of the gravitational force. These characters are called particle (X) and particle (Y) and light. Although these heroes had completely different characteristics, they were able to live together in the same universe. Let me tell you about a particle (X), it is the most interactive member of this universe. It spread lights, and this light hits the other particles (x) to live together in peace. As you know there is an increasing gravitational force towards the center of this universe, and particle (x) is starting to react to this gravitational force. As the center of the universe approaches, it grows heavier, and as it gets heavier, it continues to spread more powerful light. But as it spread more powerful light, it becomes permeable. Because every light that it creates takes a piece of it and begins to disappear. Let’s come to the second hero of this universe. His name is particle (Y), he reacts differently to the state of being in this universe. It doesn’t want to get close to the particle (X), and it divides as getting closer and the light divides particle(Y) since hits it. As it is divided, it forms particles smaller than itself. These particles want to come together in themselves, but as light hits it, it breaks down into smaller pieces, an, it moves away from the center of the universe. If you say why this is so, Y is more fragile than X and does not want to unite. If we come to our last member, it is the light, the member that symbolizes life and life in this universe, if there is interaction, then there is life. Light has a certain energy and has initial energy relative to the energy of X that forms it. The light loses its strength every time it interacts with other particles and the universe.

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