A Land of Exposure

Most people remember their dreams better during a REM sleep, rather than a non-REM sleep which might involve thoughts and spaces based on their past. These dreams during REM sleep are mostly stays as vivid memories in brain, and the stories of them are likely to take place in fantastical environments. However, in The Journal of Neuroscience (July 18), there were some findings that during REM sleep, we are paralyzed by a brain chemical system, which makes us immobilized for a memorable amount of time. Still, our eyes continue to move during this period. This is mostly interpreted as our brain saving us from the self-injuries that we may cause when dreaming. This paralysis state is thought to be one of the reasons behind our tremendous effort to make easy things during our dreams.

This project explores a land of exposure called Paralysis, where human bodies visit during a REM sleep as folcas, which are the avatar identities of human bodies. Also, there are some agents representing the brain chemical system that change how folcas are experiencing the dreamland. These agents are called warpers. When they start to come closer, folcas begin to realize that they are in a dream state, and that they start to be incapable of whatever they can do with ease normally. This slight increase of realization is mainly bounded to the distances and directions of agents called warpers. The spatial experiences of folcas continue to change as they are moving closer to warpers. These agents slowly change the folcas’ initial form, causing them to experience the environment differently. At some point, folcas starts to dissolve into the land of exposure, becoming a part of environment, and creating a unique space based on experiences.

Based on these experiments, the projects aims to find a connection between many different paths of experiences and the space, and how they can affect each other. There are reflections of space over folcas, and also some reflections of folcas over the space in the project Paralysis. These reflections are all based on each individual experiences of an initially similar space.

Ammar Nalbantoğlu

2023 Fall
ARCH470 Digital Design Studio


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